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The Original Pizza Sam

Like Father, Like Son Established since 1967


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Family Owned and Operated for over 50+ years! Serving Classic pizzas, pastas & salads.

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Mon - Sun: 12PM - 10PM

(Slice walk ins welcome starting at 11am)

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Mon - Sun: 12PM - 9:30PM

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Not just a pizza, but Lifestyle

We are more than just pizza, we are neighbors, friends and family brought together by the most delicious pizza in all of New York City. We continue to bring you the best pizza, pasta, subs and friendly faces. We are PIZZA SAM!


pizzeria in the heart of the city

Established in 1967, we have been serving Jackson Heights for over 50+ years now. From Father to Son, we still serve the best food on the block, that will never change. The love lives on forever.

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    What Our Customers Say!

    • 5 star ratingGlad to see U guys are still in business after all these years.......I worked for years in th 70s and... read more

      Phil C. Avatar
      Phil C.
    • 5 star ratingWe tried Pizza Sam for the first time today. 5 Pies for an office luncheon. Everyone raved about the taste... read more

      John K. Avatar
      John K.
    • 5 star ratingWe love ordering from here. The pizza is really good and the Greek Salad also surprisingly good. Thank you for... read more

      Victor C. Avatar
      Victor C.
    • 5 star ratingI am always on the road doing emergency service so I have stopped into my share of pizzerias and restaurants... read more

      R. K. Avatar
      R. K.
    • 5 star ratingAbsolutely love this place! Great pizza and service. Always my go to place for a slice of pizza!!!

      Shelly M. Avatar
      Shelly M.
    • 5 star ratingThis is probably the best pizza in Jackson Heights. Always fresh in all their menu options, delivery is pretty fast,... read more

      Lorien S. Avatar
      Lorien S.
    • 5 star ratingSearched Yelp for a pizza place close to where I'm staying. Came across Pizza Sam and saw it had some... read more

      Adena S. Avatar
      Adena S.
    • 5 star ratingSo I found this place while waiting for a family member to arrive at LaGuardia Airport. I drove down from... read more

      Frank U. Avatar
      Frank U.
    • 5 star ratingDelicious food! Portions are not small for the price and the quality is great. I got hooked on SAMs by... read more

      Karen B. Avatar
      Karen B.
    • 5 star ratingVery very good meal. I had the shrimp parm with a side of Penne a la vodka. FANTASTIC

      Would love to...
      read more

      Cathy B. Avatar
      Cathy B.
    • 5 star ratingThis place rocks. Huge portions at a very fair price. I will be back. The staff is super friendly. We... read more

      Shanan F. Avatar
      Shanan F.
    • 5 star ratingExcellent, delicious, and great pizza and pasta. Sam, the owner only uses high quality ingredients. My wife and I have... read more

      Calvin K. Avatar
      Calvin K.
    • 5 star ratingI absolutely love the shrimp Parm hero!! It's the best and you can feed 3-4 ppl with that thing!!

      Michelle H. Avatar
      Michelle H.
    • 5 star ratingThis pizza shop has been around for a long time and the quality has never diminished. The pizza recipe has... read more

      Christian A. Avatar
      Christian A.
    • 5 star ratingGood pizzas which are deliciously thick and traditionally delish.
      Toppings are enough to enjoy the flavors.
      Very good and crispy fried calamari...
      read more

      Soo N. Avatar
      Soo N.
    • 5 star ratingIf you want some good ol classic pizza from the block, you gotta stop here. Get the regular and Sicilian.... read more

      New Y. Avatar
      New Y.
    • 5 star ratingStill the best pizza in town. Best Italian food in town at a very good price. Large portions... read more

      Nelson D. Avatar
      Nelson D.
    • 5 star ratingPizza came quick and tasted great, chicken parm sandwich was good too, and very good portion size!
      Will be stopping here...
      read more

      Sam U. Avatar
      Sam U.
    • 5 star ratingGreat pizza, great Jackson heights staple. I'm a huge fan of their sauce and the cheese just drips into... read more

      Sean B. Avatar
      Sean B.
    • 5 star ratingLOVE IT! Pizza Sam makes me feel like I'm home... the delivery drivers are sooo polite and kind with the customers!!!

      Jason C. Avatar
      Jason C.
    • 5 star ratingA Jackson Heights wonder. They've been in the neighborhood for years. Great Pizza, Bottom Line!

      Dan A. Avatar
      Dan A.
    • 5 star ratingThey have a really amazing food. I'm from queens and they are the best Italian restaurant ever. :)

      Luana A. Avatar
      Luana A.
    • 5 star ratingNew pizza spot that had opened up the our house. I say it is really good pizza, family loves ... read more

      Dilraj S. Avatar
      Dilraj S.
    • 5 star ratingStraight up delicious! Sooo good i had to buy two slices to go after i already two at the place!

      Sean L. Avatar
      Sean L.
    • 5 star ratingI have not ever visited New York without stopping at my favorite pizza spot PIZZA SAM'S! There are many pizza... read more

      Stella E. Avatar
      Stella E.
    • 5 star ratingI grew up on Pizza Sam as a kid living in Jackson Heights.Unfortunately I no longer live in the area... read more

      Martin C. Avatar
      Martin C.
    • 5 star ratingNo complaints about this place!!
      Food is delicious (LOVE THEIR PASTAS), service is FAST, GREAT and ACCURATE, price is DECENT, portions...
      read more

      Wildary C. Avatar
      Wildary C.
    • 5 star ratingIt's been a while since I've been to Sam's as its on the other side of the neighborhood but being... read more

      Zelda G. Avatar
      Zelda G.
    • 5 star ratingOld skool thick gooey pizza! U want warm n cuddly service n thin crispy pizza? Go to hipster... read more

      Tony M. Avatar
      Tony M.
    • 5 star ratingThis has quickly become my favorite pizza place in Queens. They're friendly and accommodating. The portions are very large. I've... read more

      Sheree H. Avatar
      Sheree H.
    • 5 star ratingA great slice. This place is awesome! This is what NY is all about. A family business passed down and... read more

      Peter K. Avatar
      Peter K.
    • 5 star ratingBarstool review right on. This place is great and deserves the high number. Pizza is top notch. Straight business with... read more

      BIll P. Avatar
      BIll P.
    • 5 star ratingSome of these reviews are retarded. Seriously, people getting more than they asked for and their food being delicious and... read more

      Jose C. Avatar
      Jose C.
    • 5 star ratingTop notch Grandma's Pie. I got the spinach/ricotta version and added pepperoni/sausage. Best pizza I've had so far in NY.... read more

      D. L. Avatar
      D. L.
    • 5 star ratingAwesome food! Chicken combo is that die for. Sam is the man!

      Sam R. Avatar
      Sam R.
    • 5 star ratingI grew up in Jackson Heights and my family and I have been ordering from Pizza Sam's since the 90's.... read more

      Gabriel S. Avatar
      Gabriel S.
    • 5 star ratingI've been working in the neighborhood for three years and never thought to stop in. Jackson Heights isn't exactly known... read more

      James B. Avatar
      James B.
    • 5 star ratingThis is a great neighborhood spot. My husband loves the pizza and has been taking our daughter there for... read more

      DJ W. Avatar
      DJ W.
    • 5 star ratingLook... If Dave Portnoy, Bar Stool Sports and the biggest nationwide pizza critic gives this place one of the... read more

      Mike S. Avatar
      Mike S.
    • 5 star ratingCan't ever go wrong with Pizza Sam! Been coming to this pizzeria for about 16 years and I must say... read more

      Jess A. Avatar
      Jess A.
    • 5 star ratingI love this pizza store. Where can you get pizza slices the size of your head? It is... read more

      Polly H. Avatar
      Polly H.
    • 5 star ratingStopped by here while in Queens visiting family last week..the pizza was probably the best I've had in the area,... read more

      Dominique L. Avatar
      Dominique L.
    • 5 star ratingThis place is our family's favorite place to order from since we have been in Jackson Heights. The food is... read more

      Mike R. Avatar
      Mike R.
    • 5 star ratingGreat pizza and service! Stopped in for a few cheese slices and a Sicilian slice. The crust was absolutely... read more

      Marissa P. Avatar
      Marissa P.
    • 5 star ratingThis is my favorite pizzaria on the planet. The restaurant is very family oriented and a very welcoming place to all

      Maggie O. Avatar
      Maggie O.
    • 5 star ratingVery good food! Penne allá vodka is the best dish along side a Cesar salad, can't go wrong! Big portions... read more

      Kenny D. Avatar
      Kenny D.
    • 5 star ratingOne bite everyone knows the rules. Pizza Sam is a class act. Dude actually cares about the pizza. If you... read more

      Bryan S. Avatar
      Bryan S.
    • 5 star ratingBest pizza I've found in Queens! Thanks to Barstool. I've tried a bunch of other pizzerias and was convinced Queens... read more

      Amanda T. Avatar
      Amanda T.
    • 5 star ratingI grew up in Jackson Heights. I use to deliver newspaper next to Pizza Sams over40 years ago. When ever... read more

      Kimberly C. Avatar
      Kimberly C.
    • 5 star ratingThis pizza was delicious. Something about the cheese or sauce but it was one of the best I've had.

      Andy G. Avatar
      Andy G.

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